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KSh 17,500.00 plus 16% VAT

LightSYS™ main board technologies include plug-in GSM/GPRS and IP modules, remotely upgradeable firmware, and selectable zone resistance.   RISCO Bus Technology saves you time and money and increases installation flexibility, while Auto-Install and Bus Test simplify installation and maintenance.

Programming via the PC Configuration Software and the LightSYS keypad is enhanced due to an adaptive menu tree – only the relevant options are displayed according to the installed accessories and installer/user authority.


KSh 22,000.00 plus 16% VAT
The GSM/GPRS module is an easy to add plug-in module that enables the system to communicate over the GPRS/GSM networks for reporting, control and programming. It can be used as the primary communication or as a back up for the IP or PSTN communications in case of communication failure. Reporting events to monitoring stations can be done over voice, SMS or GPRS using the RISCO IP Receiver. Events can be reported in SIA/IP, SIA and Contact ID monitoring protocols. Using the GSM/GPRS module, end users can obtain system control using DTMF or  SMS In addition, users can enjoy peace of mind by receiving real time SMS, voice messages and email alerts. The GSM/GPRS module also supports two- way voice communication which is beneficial for elderly care, allowing two way communication with users in times of emergency.


KSh 7,500.00 plus 16% VAT
Graphic LCD keypad with proximity reader. Compatible with LightSYS & LightSYS™2 panels.


KSh 6,500.00 plus 16% VAT
Wireless Door/ Window Contact is a supervised transmitter ideal for wireless perimeter door/window protection in residential and small commercial applications. The transmitter has a built-in magnetic contact and additional zone input that can be connected to wired magnetic contacts or to other wired sensors that can be used for various control or security applications. The WL 72I has an additional reed switch for anti-sabotage detection that is not included with the T72C. Any attempt to defeat the detector using large magnets will cause a tamper condition. Operates together with RISCO Group programmable receivers and is powered by a standard 3-volt lithium battery.