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Must 60A /80A /100A MPPT Solar Charger

KSh 30,000.00 plus 16% VAT
MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)Solar Charge Controller offer an efficient, safe, multi-stage recharging process that prolongs battery life and assures peak performance from a solar array. Each Charge Controller allows customized battery recharging. Prices attracts 16% VAT

Powerpoint AVS 30 Surge Protector

KSh 5,500.00 plus 16% VAT
-Protects against high and low voltage, brown-outs, power back surges and voltage dips. These conditions are extremely harmful and damaging to electrical and electronic equipment. -By disconnecting the power when it's bad and reconnecting automatically on return to normal power, the SP30A safeguards and protects against short term and long term damage to ensure longevity of your appliances. -Reconnection takes place after a start-up delay to protect against frequent fluctuations

Generic MC4 Series Solar Connector

KSh 500.00 plus 16% VAT
MC4 Connector is used to connect several solar panels or groups of solar panels in a solar field, and are normally used in parallel applications.


KSh 300.00 plus 16% VAT
L Feet Kit Metal Roof Solar Mounting System is designed for solar installation on corrugated metal roof. The system delivers firm and stable fixation between metal roof and solar panels.


KSh 250.00 plus 16% VAT
End clamp is used in the end of panels, fasten well and good corrosion resistance.


KSh 250.00 plus 16% VAT
This Mid Clamp (also known as a middle clamp) is designed for compatibility with a mini rail and used to clamp solar panels between two solar modules to minimize the effects from wind or any other shaking.


KSh 4,500.00 plus 16% VAT
Aluminum solar mounting rail is made of high strength extrusion aluminum alloy. The 6.4metres rail is able to hold three solar panels.


KSh 3,500.00 plus 16% VAT
Raggie solar charge controller is a regulator, it delivers power from pv array to system loads and the   battery bank, When the battery bank is nearly full, the controller will taper of the charging  current to maintain the required voltage to fully charge the battery and keep it topped of! Model: RG-CE 20A -Current: 20A -Rated voltage:12/24v -Max PV volatge:55v -Self-consumption:≦12mA -Battery type: Usr(default)/sealed/gel/flooded